What to expect.

We understand that visiting a new church can be exciting.

We hope that by giving you an idea of how our service runs, it will enhance your experience.


We start service greeting one another.


Before worship begins, we have a consecration prayer. Consecration is when we ask that any hindrances be put aside. This allows us to boldly worship, pray and pay attention to God’s Word.

Praise and Worship

Our praise and worship is contemporary. We “rock out” on the keyboard, guitar and drums. There are some that raise their hands in adoration to Jesus Christ. You may see others kneel, in reverence. As we celebrate the goodness of the Lord, we encourage dancing and shouting in praise as found in the Book of Psalms.

The Holy Spirit

We honor the Holy Spirit to lead and direct the service, so at times there may be a moment of hearing prophetic word, word of knowledge, and word of wisdom and healing.


All messages preached are Bible-based and Christ-centered. The presentation ends with a challenge for practical application in real life situations.