Our Values

Scripture is Foundational

We are deeply committed to Scripture as the primary basis for every aspect of church life.

Therefore: All preaching and pulpit ministry is subject to harmony with the Scriptures. All design and decisions regarding church governance, church programs, church discipline, fellowship and education are examined in the light of Biblical principles and monitored according to Biblical standards.


We value and protect consistency between our beliefs and our behavior.

Therefore: We are committed to open and honest relationships. The governance and finances of the church are open to scrutiny. We actively avoid gossip and unwholesome communication among ourselves. Our ministry teams practice self-examination to ensure that we serve with clean hearts, not tainting others with hidden sin. We do not shrink from difficulties when our collective or individual integrity is at stake.

Servant Leadership

We believe that Scripture requires all leaders to be primarily motivated by a heart to serve those they lead.

Therefore: We encourage all members to be active participants in church life, contributing and receiving mutual service. We examine ourselves as leaders to ensure that our efforts are directed towards those we serve, not our own convenience or significance.

Learning Shared Leadership

We value the unique calling we feel to propagate a team approach to leadership in the church.

Therefore: Every aspect of church life is designed for reproduction of leadership. We have apprentices working alongside our ministry leaders in order to be in a perpetual state of leadership reproduction. Our elders are prepared to fill the pulpit on a shared basis. Our elders and church governors practice a team approach to church government. Our congregation is kept up to date and informed at the highest possible level possible short of indiscretion.

Honor and Respect for Individuality

We cherish the unique God-given design in each individual and are committed to mutual honor and respect.

Therefore: We actively pursue ways of discovering and appreciating one another’s gifts, skills and talents. We seek ways to make place for one another in church participation that reflects the joy of service according to each one’s design. We are not dismayed by the scandalous or unconventional behavior or outward appearances of those we meet and reach out to.

Faith Under Fire

We are a church uniquely called to stand firm in the face of challenge because when we are confronted we grow in faith, witness God’s intervention and find ourselves strengthened and matured.

Therefore: We do not avoid difficulties, controversies, crises, or tragedies when we encounter them individually or corporately. We respond to these circumstances with faith rather than fear, by drawing together rather than apart. We value being overcoming by the strength of the Lord more than comfort, safety, or security.